fifteen year old who loves adrenaline.

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If someone is willing to stay by your side when you’re at you’re lowest you better fucking hold on to them. Because these days that’s rare.
- Midnightsunn (via midnightsunn)


When I was a kid, my father used to make me go lobster fishing with him. Parts of it were great. He was his own boss. There was no one else around. It was just us, the boat, the vast ocean, and the infinite sky. On beautiful, sunny days, there was nowhere better.

But there were downsides, too. No…


ariel-princessofthesea hehe :)
The old man smiled. ‘I shall not die of a cold, my son. I shall die of having lived.’
- Willa Cather, Death Comes for the Archbishop  (via whats-out-there)